What does Wayzata Bay Spice Company bring to the table for kitchen stores, gift stores, meat markets, grocery stores or specialty food stores? With the dozens of spice companies through our country, what sets Wayzata Bay Spice Company apart? That's a complicated question with a number of answers.
1. Quality. Wayzata Bay Spice Company focuses on procuring the finest spices and herbs available. From these, we create our proprietary blends. We do not use artificial color, artificial flavor or MSG. We don't use excessive salt or sugar. Quite simply, we allow the flavors of our gourmet ingredients to shine for themselves. You will taste the difference.
2. Variety. Wayzata Bay Spice Company has over 100 unique blends. We have almost 150 spice and herb products. We have spices specific to a variety of regional and ethnic foods. We have spices specific to proteins and vegetables. We have dozens of salt-free seasonings. We even sell some of our specialty ingredients, such as wine powders or vanilla powder. Taking all of this into account, we have over 300 products to choose from.
3. Partnership. We work with our customers - we "partner" with them to help select the items that best fit their unique situation. Our company has almost 15 years of experience providing gourmet spices to retailers. We generally know what will work for you and why. And, the support is ongoing. Call us, we'll answer the phone. Ask us questions via email and we'll reply. We are a resource for you, not just a vendor. If you're successful, we're successful. We've always thought it's odd the suppliers forget that.
4. Minimums. 12 bottles. That's one case. You can even divide that between two products. That's the minimum order.
5. Support. We have recipes that you can print that go with these spices. We have a cookbook that you can retail (at a 50% margin) that mentions our spices by name within the recipes. We have special promotions and offer seasonal products to attract holiday shoppers. We can answer your questions or your customers' questions. If we don't have something, we'll get it. In short, we'll do what we can to support you.
6. Price and Profit. You might think that with all of this, the price will be astronomical. Not exactly. We're actually less expensive than many of the nationally-known spice producers that sell to individual or small-chain stores. Many retailers "keystone" our spices, although some price for smaller margins. We do not mandate, or even "suggest" a retail price. That's up to you. When our products are well displayed, we've had kitchen stores sell over $2000 in spices per square foot! Those kinds of sales speak for themselves.
Bringing spices into your kitchen or specialty food store is a logical extension of your other product lines. In addition to placing the spices together on shelving, you can cross merchandize. For example, putting our Asian seasonings next to a display of stir-fry pans. Or, steak seasonings next to the grills or grilling utensils. There are literally hundreds of ways to merchandize spices through a kitchen store. What's more, you can fit a huge selection into a very small footprint. What other products have the potential to produce over $2000 per square foot in sales? Especially with such a small initial investment?
Meat markets and grocery stores benefit from our spices, as well. Cross merchandizing within these venues can payoff in big ways. Our gourmet spice line is different from what is seen in most grocery stores and meat markets, giving you a unique product to draw customers back to your location. Many grocery stores elect to private-label their spices. To learn more about this, see the information under the "Private Label" tab.
Our experience with gift stores started with our Christmas box set of spices. These went over so well that store began carrying our best-selling spices. These individual spice not only brought in repeat sales, they work well in gift baskets. This double benefit has been a big plus to our gift store customers who have continued to increase the number of spices they stock