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10,000 lakes equals a whole lotta fish in Minnesota…and that can be reel-y good eating!  Your catch will be even tastier with our extra special seasoning blend of onion and garlic, combined with lemon zest and a kick of cayenne.  Simply sprinkle liberally on fillets before you cook ‘em, or if you are a batter lover just mix it right in. Boneless Appetit!


Adobo is a traditional Mexican blend. This popular mix of spices and herbs is not particularly hot, but it has a very rich flavor and it’s salt-free. Use it to make guacamole by mixing 1 tsp. of seasoning with 1 TBSP of water and 2 mashed avocados, then add a squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of salt. Add some hot pepper if you want to spice it up. For chicken, pork or fish, use about 1 tsp. of seasoning per pound. Enjoy!


Al Pastor Tacos come from Central Mexico and are a cross between the Middle-Eastern spit-roasted meat and the grilled meat served by Mexican street vendors. You can use this as a dry rub or a marinade on pork, lamb, beef and chicken. Serve on tortillas with grilled pineapple, salsa and cilantro. Add the seasoning to your quesadillas, kebabs and sandwiches for an Al Pastor twist on your meal. Enjoy!


Our original Apple Pie Spice is great in more than just pies! Try this blend in batter for sugar cookies, waffles, pancakes and French toast. It will perk-up muffins if you add ½ tsp. per cup of batter. It is fantastic sprinkled over oatmeal with a little sugar added, or dust it over a latte! For a quick treat, sprinkle a little on an apple while you’re eating it. For an 8 inch apple pie, use 1½ tsp. spice (or to taste). Enjoy!


When I think of hot, I think of Arizona. Desert. Dry Heat. Tumbleweeds. And hot food. That’s what this blend of three hot peppers and black pepper is all about: hot food (not tumble-weeds). Use Arizona Pepper on any food where you’d normally use black pepper, cayenne or crushed red pepper. It’s fantastic on hamburgers, pasta, pizza, salads or anything on the grill. Enjoy!


Your taste buds will love this distinctive blend of nutty sesame seed, zingy ginger, warm garlic and sweet bell pepper flakes.  Try this exotic blend to add Asian flavor to chicken, shrimp, salmon and vegetables. Or combine with rice wine vinegar and salad oil for a quick and flavorful vinaigrette dressing.


Barbacoa is full of flavor and so simple to prepare. It can be put in the crockpot and made into all sorts of meals. You might make tacos, salads, burritos, extreme nachos or even hash for breakfast in the morning. Once it is prepared the uses are endless. Add this seasoning to a roast or beef brisket in a crockpot and you are well on your way to making the most tender, flavorful, delicious Barbacoa beef!


Our Bar-B-Q seasoning is the perfect flavor for almost any meat and many vegetables! Its sweet, smoky, mildly spicy flavor is perfect for beef, chicken, pork and even seafood. It’s great as a rub on ribs or as a seasoning for hamburgers. Try a pinch on grilled vegetables or in stews to spice them up. Try our Bar-B-Q on your favorite grilled, baked or fried food today and taste the difference. Enjoy!


Berbere is an essential ingredient in many Ethiopian dishes.  While the mixture of spices can be ground or whole, and there is not an exact recipe, the mixture is always spicy-hot and full of exotic, full-flavored spices.  Our Berbere is salt-free and is a medium heat seasoning. Berbere can be used on almost any meat, but is particularly flavorful on lamb and beef.


This isn’t your father’s Bloody Mary seasoning.  This takes flavor to a whole new level. Sure, you can use it as a rimmer while enjoying a refreshing Bloody Mary, buy why stop there?  The flavor is awesome on steaks and burgers. Try it on chicken, pork and vegetables, too. The spicy, zesty flavor of this seasoning will have your guests guessing about your secret ingredient.  Don’t worry, we’re not telling anyone.


Warm, spicy, earthy, smoky.  All words that describe the street in New Orleans and this incredible seasoning.  Our Bourbon Street blend contains two different whiskey flavors to ensure you enjoy the robust flavor.  The generous amounts of black pepper and ancho give it a bite of “spice”. It’s perfect for steaks and burgers or any beef.  Try it on lamb, venison and other flavorful meats.


Mmmm.  Everyone loves the smell and flavor of breakfast sausage sizzling on the griddle.  Now you can have that same great taste by making your own breakfast sausage at home…without the additives, preservatives, or MSG found in prepared sausages.  Simply add 1 ½ Tbsp. of seasoning per pound of ground pork or ground turkey. Blend well and refrigerate for at least 30 min. to blend flavors. Form into patties or scramble and fry until cooked through.  For spicier sausage, add ⅛ to ¼ tsp. of crushed red pepper flakes.

BRINING SPICE (Traditional, Chipotle or Wild Game)

Combine ¾ cup Brining Spice, ½ cup brown sugar and ½ gallon of water. Bring to boil and simmer 5 minutes; remove from heat, add ½ gallon of cold water, then let cool to room temperature. Pour brine into stainless steel or plastic container, add meat, insuring it is completely submerged. Refrigerate for about 1 hour per pound of meat. Rinse THOROUGHLY, pat dry and refrigerate for 2 hours before cooking.


Developed with the serious hunter in mind, our Camp-Style Wild Game Seasoning is fantastic on game of almost any kind. This seasoning is great on large and small game, as well as birds. The flavor will remind you of the best camp food you’ve ever had, without the hassle of dragging a dozen spices on your hunting trip. For best result, season at least a few hours before you plan on cooking the meat.


This exotic, sweet concoction will make your taste buds jump! It is fantastic in coffee and tea, giving them a “hint” of chai-like spice. Sprinkle it on top of sugar cookies and other sweet baked goods to give them a great flavor that will impress your guests and family. When making dishes with curry powders that call for sugar, substitute this Cardamom Sugar for the sugar in the recipe to make your creation even more rich and tasty! Enjoy.


Cardiac Cajun gives you great Cajun flavor without the salt. This blend is excellent on meat, potatoes or whatever needs a little extra bite! Try it on rice to add flavor to a low-calorie meal. Make a plate of Cajun chicken fettuccine or use your imagination to create you own Cajun delicacy – it’s a great start to a very healthy, flavorful meal. To add flavor without the salt, look for one of our 30+ other no-salt seasonings as well.


North Carolina has a strong presence in American BBQ history. It is known as the birthplace of BBQ to some historians. The amazing vinegar flavor is what makes it stand out from other regions. It is a great BBQ flavor with a kick! This Carolina classic is great on pork, brisket and chicken. You can try it on sweet corn, veggies and potatoes too!


Traditionally used to sprinkle on tomato juice and in Bloody Marys, celery salt is also excellent on steaks, roast beef and pot roast. For a nice change, mix a little into your meatloaf (3/4 tsp. per pound, or to taste). You can also try it in soups or any food where the combination of salt and celery is desired. To create a “Beau Monde” seasoning, add 1 tsp. granulated onion to 4 tsp. celery salt.


Our Cherry Bomb BBQ rub is a little sweet, has little heat and has a whole lot of depth in flavor. It is a great BBQ flavor with a little kick! This blend is great on ribs, pork chops and loins. Try it on wings or burgers too! Enjoy!


This blend of chili powder is hot. It’s not for everyone. Even though it contains a lot of heat, the flavor is still fantastic! As with our medium chili powder, use this blend with Mexican and Southwestern cooking, or any recipe where a chili taste is desired. Depending on your palette, you may want to add a little salt. Unlike most chili powder, ours are all sodium-free. Enjoy!


This is our most popular chili powder. It’s truly a medium-heat blend, but it is very fresh and may be hotter than the chili powder that’s been sitting in your cupboard for the past several years! You may want to taste your food as you season it until you’re accustomed to our fresh products. Our chili powder is fantastic in Mexican cuisine and in chili. Try it in your Southwestern recipes too.


To make an authentic Chimichurri Sauce, combine 2 TBSP of seasoning to 2 TBSP hot tap water. Mix well and let sit 15 minutes to rehydrate. Drain any excess water. Stir in 1 TBSP sherry vinegar, 1 tsp grated lemon zest and 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil. Blend well and let stand for 15 minutes before using on grilled or roast beef, fish or chicken. It’s also great on sandwiches and tomatoes.


This blend of spices is almost mandatory in stir-fries. The flavor of Chinese Five Spice is very versatile and blends well with both meats and vegetables. For a nice marinade, mix ¾ tsp. of Chinese Five Spice with ¼ cup vegetable oil, ¼ cup rice vinegar, 2 TBSP soy sauce, 2 TBSP orange juice, 1 tsp. onion powder, 1 tsp. black pepper and ½ tsp. garlic powder. And for those who counted, yes, we use seven spices in our Chinese Five Spice.


This versatile seasoning works well with almost any meat. Try it on grilled chicken, baked pork or pan-fried fish. It’s great sprinkled on sirloin tips as an appetizer or add a little to your fajita meat to spice it up! Chipotle Lime Seasoning is even good sprinkled on vegetables. The tangy, spicy flavor is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. Add some to sour cream for a unique cracker or vegetable dip. Enjoy!


If you love the smoky flavor of chipotle chiles, you’ll like this taco seasoning mix. It is rich, spicy-hot and a little sweet. To make taco filling, mix 4TBSP taco seasoning with 4oz. water and add to 1 pound of browned ground beef. Simmer for 10-15 minutes until sauce starts to thicken. This seasoning is delicious on cooked meats, in beans, in sour cream or sprinkled into enchiladas. Enjoy!


Chisholm Trail Rub has a flavor reminiscent of the old west. The sweetness of brown sugar, the heat of three different hot peppers and a tanginess that pulls all the flavors together. This seasoning was made for ribs and birds (that’s chicken, for you city slickers). Rub the spices liberally on the meat. If possible, let the meat sit for several hours (in your refrigerator) while the flavors penetrate the meat. Then grill or bake them to your liking. Enjoy!


A sweet treat from our childhood (which possibly continued into our adulthood), Cinnamon Sugar is typically associated with a sprinkle over toast, but it can be so much more!  Try our Cinnamon Sugar as a topping for sugar cookies or sprinkled over sweet muffins. Try it on raw apples, on waffles or on pancakes. It is excellent mixed into sweet marinades (especially for pork), for an exotic flavor.  Enjoy!


People constantly ask what type of spices are best for vegetables.  We decided to answer that question with a special seasoning. Then we realized that it was not just for vegetables!  Use on cooked or roasted veggies, but also try it on fish and chicken. Its delicate flavor with hints of citrus adds sparkle to so many items.  So use your imagination and enjoy!


When it comes to cooking, citrus and pepper go together like cinnamon and sugar, and our Citrus Pepper has a few new twists. We’ve included orange peel for a hint of sweetness and we eliminated the salt! Try our Citrus Pepper on chicken, pork, fish or anything that you want to have a “zesty” taste. Whether you’re grilling baking or frying, this blend will delight your taste buds. Enjoy!


Some like it hot. This is seasoning is for those that don’t. Cool Cajun is the no-heat cousin of Jane’s Ragin’ Cajun. We’ve tried to take all the heat out of this Cajun blend while maintaining terrific flavor. You can use Cool Cajun for any food calling for Cajun seasoning. Some restaurants use it for a blackening seasoning, too. Don’t forget to try it on grilled chicken, pork or rice, like our buddy Erik. Enjoy!


Created by a hunter (thank you Paul Edison) for hunters, our Crooked Lake Game Rub is fantastic on venison and other wild game of the hoofed variety.  It’s also a great seasoning for birds, so you can use it on the pheasants or grouse that you take in the fall. Rub or shake this seasoning on the meat early in the cooking process.  Re-season as necessary. Enjoy!


Creole cuisine is the food culture of Louisiana. You can make a quick dinner by adding 

1 TBSP seasoning with 1 TBSP olive oil and 1 pound of shrimp.  Sautee’ and enjoy. Creole Seasoning can be added to rice, various meats, soups etc. to spice up the dish.


This spice blend has the same great flavor as our sweet curry powder with a little extra “punch”. The additional chile pepper and a little more ginger give our hot curry powder the extra heat and bite. If, for some reason, this blend still isn’t hot enough for you, add a little extra hot pepper powder – cayenne works nicely. Use our Hot Curry Powder as you would any other curry powder. Enjoy!


While our Sweet Curry does have a bit of a “bite” due to the black pepper, this particular blend is not hot. If you are trying curry for the first time, or just don’t like spicy-hot foods, we recommend using sweet curry to start. Curry powders marry well with a wide variety of foods. Try it with fish, vegetables or in salad dressings and tuna salad. Once you develop a taste for curry, try some other curries, such as Garam Masala.


This unique, gourmet seasoning is packed with flavor!  We use eleven different hot peppers, bell peppers and ground peppercorns, along with other ingredients, to make a blend that will make a variety of dishes taste great.  Try this seasoning on almost any meat. Hamburgers, steaks, pork and chicken all taste better with a little Eleven Pepper on them. Try this seasoning on vegetables, too.  Enjoy!


This tasty blend isn’t just for bagels anymore. For a punch of flavor, try on fish, grilled vegetables, hot dishes, rice and homemade breads. Enjoy!


Our Fajita Seasoning is better than others because we use more spices to deliver a well-rounded, distinctive flavor that tastes great bite after bite.  For great fajita flavor, toss the meat, beef or chicken, in a zip lock bag with vegetable oil and 1 ½ Tablespoons (or to taste) of Fajita Seasoning until well coated.  If possible, marinate in refrigerator for a few hours after tossing. Sauté the meat and re-season as necessary. Enjoy your fajitas!


This traditional French blend of light, sweet herbs is fantastic in soup, eggs (especially omelets), salads and on vegetables. It is wonderful on poached chicken and fish – use a rounded teaspoon per pound of meat or to taste. Heat diminishes the flavor of Fines Herbes, so it’s best to add the mixture towards the end of cooking or sprinkle on your dish as a lively garnish. Enjoy!


Besides using this spice blend (sparingly) to really spice up your food, we’ve heard the contents of this bottle are also useful for: removing oil stains from your garage floor, eliminating sludge build-up on your engine, killing any pest that invades your home and taking paint or wallpaper off your walls. Just kidding. This seasoning is only for food. Due to the incredible heat and hazard if you come into contact with this spice, use very cautiously.


French Four Spices, also referred to as “Quatre Épices”, is commonly used in charcuterie and in dishes that are slowly cooked, such as stews, meat and poultry dishes. It can also be a nice alternative to salt on some vegetables (add while cooking). This blend was created hundreds of years ago, using some of the most expensive spices of the day and was considered a sign of wealth. Thankfully, it’s much more affordable today.


Classic French cuisine relies on the combination of simple ingredients such as onion and celery to add flavors to food. As we all know, sometimes less is more. This seasoning salt adds a rich flavor to any dish. Stir into soups, stews, dips, sauces or anything that allows a liquid to soak up the flavor. French Seasoning Salt can also be a nice addition to beef or other meats, especially in combination with sauces and marinades. Bon appétit!


Even when the sun isn’t shining, you can still have fun in the sun with our delicious sun-dried tomato and basil seasoning.  Try Fun In The Sun sprinkled on grilled cheese sandwiches, blended with mayo and sour cream for a quick dip, added to your favorite meatloaf or meatball recipe, or blended with oil and vinegar for a tasty vinaigrette.  Any way you choose to use it, we know you will have fun in the sun!


Game Over! is the phrase men think of when they get in trouble with their wives for going hunting.  This rub is great on anything you hunt—big game or small game—and is also tasty on chicken, steak and pork.  Just shake on before, during or after cooking for outstanding flavor. To be on the safe side, we suggest you throw in a “Yes, Dear!”!


Garam Masala (meaning “warm blend of spices”) is an all-purpose curry blend that is used in many Indian dishes. It has a base of cardamom, the most expensive of the spices in curries, and a variety of other rich ingredients. The flavor is slightly spicy due to the pepper and cinnamon, but the heat is not pronounced. Try it on fish, lamb, pork and poultry. Use it as you would any curry powder.  Enjoy!


If garlic and salt can go together, why not garlic and pepper? We say they can! The taste of this blend is fantastic, especially on grilled foods – both meats and vegetables. Our Garlic Pepper has proven to be one of our most popular spice blends, particularly with people looking to avoid salt. Try it on any food where a garlic taste is desired. The pepper gives it a little extra “punch” that you’ll love. Enjoy!


Ah, garlic.  Few things have more culinary appeal.  With the exception of dessert, and some may differ on this point, garlic can make most anything taste better.  Its robust flavor is the centerpiece of this seasoning. Our Garlic Gone Wild is meant to be used on almost any meat or vegetable.  Use it in soups, dressings, marinades—just about anything that needs a burst of flavor.


Garlic Salt is one of the most widely used seasonings. It is used for everything from seasoning meats to flavoring cheese bread. Wayzata Bay Spice Company takes special care in preparing our Garlic Salt. We start with fine sea salt than add only California- grown garlic. This simple mixture of only the finest ingredients ensures consistent, excellent flavor. You’ll taste the difference our Garlic Salt makes in your cooking. Enjoy!


This unique blend of citrus, herbs and spices is fantastic – and it’s salt-free! It’s great on mild fish, such as walleye, sea bass, trout and cod, but it can be used on any fish that you like. For great taste, brush both sides of fish with light olive oil and sprinkle liberally with Gone Fishin’. Then grill, bake or pan-fry and tell your guests all your best fish stories! If you’d like, add sesame seeds for a nutty flavor.


Using this seasoning will let you make chicken that tastes like an entrée from a fine restaurant. Your guests will ask for the recipe — and we hope you share your secret ingredient with them! Rub seasoning on both sides of a chicken breast that has been washed, patted dry and lightly oiled. Sear on cook top until golden, then finish in 350 F oven until done. Serve with a mushroom cream sauce.


Our Greek Seasoning has fantastic flavor without the salt.  We use a variety of spices, herbs and specialty flavors to create a seasoning that compliments a variety of meats and vegetables.  Use our Greek Seasoning with your favorite lamb or chicken dish. It adds flavor to vegetables of all kinds and it’s great as a seasoning with gyros.  Try it on fish for an interesting, new flavor. You’ll love the flavor of Greece. Opa!


This is a great way to enjoy fresh guacamole at home! Mix 1 ½ TBSP seasoning mix with 3 avocados. Add lime juice and salt to taste. Let sit for at least ½ hour to enhance the flavor. Enjoy!


If you love condiments and adding a kick of spice to your meals, you’ll want to check this out. Harissa is a spicy and aromatic chile seasoning that is widely used in North African and Middle Eastern cooking. This seasoning can be used to enhance soups, stews and appetizers. Use it as a marinade for meat and fish. Blend it into hummus or any of your favorite dips. Add a spoonful to olive oil…. It’s bread dipping heaven. Harissa packs quite a punch…. a little goes a long way. Enjoy?


This classic herbal blend originates in southern France, from plants that flourish in that region during the summer months. Herbes de Provence is a terrific seasoning for almost any Mediterranean dish, but it’s especially good with chicken, Cornish hen, baked tomatoes and in stews. It also works well in dips, salads and other light foods. Some of our customers use it on beef and pizza, so find your own unique use for this blend.


For years people asked us to make a seasoning just for hamburgers, something that was different from steak seasonings, but just as easy to use.  We thought about it for a while and came up with Holy Cow. Sprinkle this on any burger—while it’s cooking for best flavor. You may like it so much you put it on other cuts of beef, but don’t tell the people who wanted this just for burgers.  Enjoy!


This seasoning has the flavor of hot wing sauce without the mess!  You’ll love the tanginess of our Hot Wing Seasoning. It’s great on wings and drummies, but you can use it on almost any meat.  Try it on chicken breasts or whole chicken, if you’d like. It’s great on pork and shrimp, too. Our Hot Wing Seasoning adds just the right combination of tanginess, spiciness and flavor to your meal.


Our House Blend is an all-purpose seasoning made for just about anything you cook. The 30 spices, herbs and specialty ingredients are ideal for any meat, whether you’re grilling beef or pork, baking chicken, frying fish or sautéing shellfish. Try it on potatoes, beans, corn or anything that needs a little extra flavor. Use House Blend anytime you would usually use salt, as a shake-on seasoning or as a rub.


This seasoning is a tribute to my home state. Iowa Chop Rub is an incredible pork seasoning, and when you cook with this blend, you’ll notice several flavors mingling with your taste buds. There’s a nice sweetness, which combined with the paprika, helps to lock in the meat’s juices. Try Iowa Chop Rub on other meats and vegetables, too. That’s the beauty of this seasoning: it is great on so many things. Enjoy!


Close your eyes and listen to the surf pounding the beach. Smell the fragrance of tropical flowers mixing the salty ocean trade winds. Picture a golden sunset dropping below the distant waves. Now, you’re ready for our Island Breeze. Experience Caribbean flavor on your favorite food with this seasoning. It’s fantastic on chicken, pork and fish. Try it on beef for a pleasing change. Island Breeze — it’s calling you.


This salt-free blend of herbs and spices is terrific for dipping in olive oil. Add this mixture to olive oil, stir and let sit for at least 10-15 minutes before dipping. This allows the flavor to mix with the oil. For best results, we suggest using a light, extra virgin olive oil that’s “first, cold pressed”. As a bonus, this seasoning goes well with many other foods. Try it on chicken, pork, beef, fish, in red sauces and on vegetables. Enjoy!


This flavorful no-salt blend of herbs is terrific in Italian dishes. It’s perfect for making spaghetti sauces – just add 1 tsp. per 16 fluid oz. of tomato sauce. Add this herb mixture towards the end of your cooking to maintain the flavor. Try Italian seasoning on cheese bread, potatoes, even chicken for a new taste. Create a terrific Italian dressing by mixing 1 part vinegar with 2 parts oil and season with Italian seasoning, pepper, garlic and sugar to taste.


Jane’s Poultry Seasoning gives chicken and turkey a great flavor the whole family will love! We’ve been making this seasoning and giving it to family and friends for years before starting our spice business. Our friend Bea used to ration it between receiving bottles from us. More than once she refused to let her sister have any when she was running low! Try this seasoning on chicken, turkey, pork and even on potatoes.


Jane’s Ragin’ Cajun gives you great Cajun flavor without being too hot. This blend was one of our first seasonings and one of the reasons we started our spice business. Excellent on meat, potatoes or whatever needs that little extra bite! Try it on rice to add flavor to a low- calorie meal, like our buddy Erik, or use it as a blackening spice. If you need more heat, add cayenne or try our Louisiana Fireball seasoning. Enjoy!


Bring great Jamaican flavor to chicken, pork or fish with this easy-to-use rub. Traditionally used to preserve meat, Jerk has gained center stage in Jamaican cuisine. To make a fantastic wet rub, combine 2 TBSP each of Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, fresh lime juice and vegetable oil, rub the paste on the meat then marinate at least 4 hours. Smoke grilling is the traditional method of cooking, but your gas grill or oven will work well too.


Jay’s Garden Blend combines the wonderful flavor of shallots, the smooth flavors of herbs and a hint of pepperiness with the cracked green peppercorns. This creates a seasoning that is fantastic with seafood, chicken, veal and Cornish hen. Vegetables, especially potatoes, and salad dressings also benefit from the fine flavors locked inside this seasoning. Try Jay’s Garden Blend with eggs or rice as well. Enjoy!


Named for one of the finest salmon-fishing rivers in Alaska, this flavorful blend combines the robust flavor of pepper, onion and garlic with highlighting notes of herbs and citrus. It is fantastic on salmon and other strong-flavored fish. A hint of sweetness, provided by brown sugar, adds the finishing touch to this tasty seasoning. Salt has been kept to a minimum and we’ve added NO MSG.


Coffee rubs have been around for years.  The inviting taste and aroma of coffee beans are as delightful on food as in beverages.  When creating our coffee rub, we upped the ante by using a mixture with Kona coffee, arguably the best coffee in the world.  We like Kona beans for their complex flavor and smooth finish, making this rub perfect for steak, pork or even chicken. Enjoy our coffee rub and enjoy the flavor of Kona.


Our Korean BBQ seasoning is a perfect blend of sweet and salty, with just enough spice. Try as a dry rub on beef, pork and chicken. Or add to olive oil for a quick marinade. It will be a great twist to your summer grilling!


The name lavender comes from Latin, meaning “to wash,” due to its clean, fresh scent.  It has been used for its “healing qualities” by herbalists since ancient Egyptian times.  The mellow flavor of this flower lends itself to cooking with lighter flavors. We’ve taken this a step further by adding sugar, for a sweet, cool flavor that can be incorporated into all kinds of baking.  Try it on sugar cookies and muffins, or add some to tea.


Cajun food doesn’t have to be hot to be authentic, but it sure helps! We created this blend for people who crave heat. Louisiana Fireball is a hot, tasty seasoning that can be used on almost any kind of meat. Try it on pork, chicken, fish and even beef for great Cajun flavor and awesome hot pepper heat. It’ll perk up veggies too! This blend isn’t for everyone, so use it sparingly to start. Enjoy!


Lemon Pepper is one of the most useful seasonings and our Lemon Pepper has a few new twists. We’ve included orange peel for a hint of sweetness, sesame seed for a slight nutty flavor and toasted onion to make the blend really unique. Try our Lemon Pepper on chicken, pork, fish or anything that you want to have a “zesty” taste. Whether you’re grilling, baking or frying, this blend will delight your taste buds. Enjoy!


During a cold, Minnesota January we spent sixteen days in warm, sunny Hawaii “researching” local flavors. We spoke with countless chefs to discover their secret recipe for fantastic pork. This seasoning is one of the fruits of our labors. The flavor will remind those who have visited the Aloha State of an authentic luau: a fusion of pacific and Asian flavors. Try adding this seasoning to marinades or sprinkle on the meat towards the end of cooking to avoid burning.


In many countries, curries are blended in the home and offer individual touches.  In the United States, we often think of curry as a spice rather than a blend, but to set the story straight, it is definitely a spice blend.  Madras curry brings sweet spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg together with savory flavors of cumin, fennel and ginger and a bit of chile pepper kick.  Use in any dish that calls for curry. Try it and you will soon be serving it for guest dinners and getting rave reviews.


For really great ribs, you need two things:  a fantastic seasoning and patience. Without spices, ribs are just low-grade meat.  With the right blend of spices, ribs are a delicacy fit for kings. Rub our seasoning liberally on both side of the ribs.  If possible, let them sit overnight before cooking. Then, slow cook them. This is where your patience comes in. The slower, the better for fantastic, fall-off-the-bone, juicy, tasty meat that begs to be eaten.


Mediterranean Herb Rub is a wonderful blend of herbs and spices to compliment steaks, lamb and fish.


This light, flavorful, zesty seasoning is created from the finest herbs, citrus and sea salt the Mediterranean can provide. It is a collage of flavors from France, Italy and Spain. The mixture of sweet herbs, delicate lavender and the crisp flavor of lemon and sea salt makes our Mediterranean Seasoning exceptional on almost any vegetable, meat or fish. Try Mediterranean Seasoned Salt for a fresh, unique taste on your favorite foods.


There are many schools of thought regarding BBQ, each one thinking theirs is best.  Undeniably, they have different flavor characteristics, but all incorporate a seasoning on the meat and then add a sauce once it is off the grill.  Memphis brings a spicy, smoky flavor to meat. Not too sweet and slow cooked, the smell gets your taste buds dancing before you pick up your fork. Use on any type of BBQ.  A dipping choice of dipping sauces is common. Enjoy!


When the topic of Memphis comes up, most people think of Elvis Presley, blues music or Beale Street.  We have to admit, we like the “King’s” music and a bit of blues can soothe the soul, but the food on Beale Street is some the best our country has to offer.  Since we own a spice company, that is where our heart is. This seasoning is our tribute to the Memphis steak houses. Shake a little on and enjoy the subtle flavors.


Have you ever cooked a steak over an open fire? Not a charcoal grill, but a wood- consuming flame? Minnesota Steak Seasoning gives you fantastic flavor with the smoky undertones of cooking over a real fire – without the risk of burning down your neighborhood. This seasoning isn’t particularly spicy-hot, only the black pepper adds heat, so give it a try and enjoy the flavor of Minnesota!


Mole’ is a traditional Mexican sauce. This blend is our spin on those traditional flavors of chiles and chocolate. Use as a rub on chicken or pork. Make your own brown Mole’ sauce by combining equal parts seasoning and water or chicken broth. Enjoy!


Our Mulling Spice is a terrific addition to your holiday beverages, adding to the aroma and flavor of apple cider, wine and hot cocoa. The blend offers a perfectly proportioned spiciness. Wrap 3 tablespoons (or to taste) Mulling Spice in a piece of cheesecloth and place in ½ gallon of any seasonal beverage. Simmer for 20 minutes and serve warm. Enjoy!


For centuries, dried mushrooms have been an essential cooking ingredient in Europe and the Orient. Northwoods Mushroom Seasoning continues the tradition by combining three mushrooms with over a dozen spices and herbs to create a special mouth-watering blend. Use it on beef, pork, chicken, fish or wild game, and it’s excellent in pasta dishes, sauces, soups and stews.


People asked us to create a Minnesota seasoning but joked it couldn’t contain anything but salt or it would be too spicy. We disagree! We made a seasoning with the aroma and flavor of cooking at the family cabin with overtones of hickory, wild berries and herbs. Try Northern Lights on fish (especially salmon), chicken and pork.  It’s great on veggies and in wild rice soup. It’s unique and really versatile – that’s why it’s our best seller!


Fun name aside, this is a fantastic beef roast seasoning. You can use it as a rub for roasts or as a sprinkle-on spice for any kind of beef – and it’s great on chicken, too. Create a marinade by adding 1 TBSP of No Bull Roast Rub to ¾ cup red wine, ¼ cup olive oil and fresh chopped onions (more of each if it’s a large roast). After marinating, rub the roast with this seasoning and cook until done. Enjoy!


Everyone knows that when it comes to great Mexican food, you can expect some chile peppers.  In developing this blend that is just what we have done—combined an assortment of peppers and a few additional ingredients that fill your mouth with a nice level of flavor and heat.  Use on any meat, vegetables and rice. If you like it really hot, just sprinkle liberally. Ole´!


Us folks with a Norwegian background don’t like things too spicy, don’t ya know.  Even black pepper is getting’ a little too much for us to take. Now our friend, Sven, he’s from down south in Sweden, and they even eat catsup there.  That’s living on the edge, I tell ya. Not us. We like things cool and predictable. That’s why we use Ole & Lena’s seasoning. Good ol’ salt and pepper.  Perfect for the Northland.


One of the most popular seasonings in the United States, Onion Salt is simply a combination of onion and salt. What sets ours apart from the rest? We start with pure sea salt. Sure, it’s more expensive, but the taste is far superior to “regular” table salt. Then we add only domestically grown onion, not the cheaper, lower-quality imported stuff. Finally, we mix it carefully by hand in just the right proportions. Enjoy!


If you are an onion lover, this will be your new all-purpose seasoning.  It combines different type of onions together with a few other ingredients to have universal appeal.  Use on anything from potatoes to meat or anything else you desire. We call this one unpeeled because there is no work nor weeping eyes to achieving the flavor!


This taste-tempting blend makes it easy to eliminate salt from your diet. In creating this blend, we added a little sweetness and combined it with the fresh taste of cracked black pepper and thyme. Then, for good measure, we added an apple overtone to stimulate the taste buds. Use Pepper Thyme on beef, pork, fish or poultry. It is also good on vegetables and salads. Experiment and stay healthy!


This blend is a mixture of half Tellicherry black and half Sarawak white peppercorns.  These peppercorns – our finest – combine to create a sharp, robust flavor. This is the perfect blend for people who like their pepper bold and spicy.  Old World Blend works equally well on beef or vegetables and everything in between. Try it on salads or in olive oil for dipping bread. In short, use it any way that you’d normally use whole black pepper.  Enjoy!


This blend is half Mysore green and half Tellicherry black peppercorns (by volume). It has a lighter flavor than most blends, thanks to the abundance of mellow green peppercorns. The black pepper adds the right amount of punch to fill out the flavor. Our Parisienne Style blend is best on lighter foods: fish, pork, poultry, vegetables and salads. However, many people still enjoy the flavor of this blend freshly ground on their beef.


Compare our four peppercorn blend with our competitors and you notice that ours contains more of the expensive green and pink peppercorns. Use these whole peppercorns in your cooking or grind them in your mill to add a terrific pepper taste and lively color. You’ll notice that the pink peppercorns add a hint of sweetness and that the blend in general is milder than using white or black peppercorns by themselves.


Our unique blend of herbs and spices will enhance all of your traditional pickling and canning recipes.  For pickling vegetables, use 2 tsp. of spice (or to taste) per quart of vinegar. This versatile blend can also be used to add one-of-a-kind flavor to braised meats, chutneys and seafood boils.


Pig Out is a seasoning that blends traditional and exotic spices for incredible flavor. And, it doesn’t have any of the salt that’s all too common in grocery store seasonings. The taste of Pig Out blends wonderfully with pork, producing a flavor that will keep you coming back for more. The undertones of apple, garlic and onion blend with the paprika to lock-in the meat’s juices. Try Pig Out today and taste the difference!


Piri Piri is a popular blend in Africa and Portugal, with many versions. Ours is full of flavor and heat. Try as a rub on chicken and pork or in vegetable and egg dishes.


Our Pizza Seasoning adds the flavor missing in frozen and take-and-bake pizza, and also improves those notoriously bland canned pizza sauces. For best results, shake on frozen or pre-made pizza before baking, or stir 1 tsp. into canned sauce before topping homemade pizza. You didn’t add the seasoning before baking? Don’t worry, the seasoning can always be added after the pizza is baked.


Porketta is a common street food in northern and central Italy, usually serviced on a hard roll. It has been called “slow-cooked Italian fast food”. For a main course, serve as you would a pork roast. Simply rub the seasoning on or in the roast before cooking and enjoy!


Our Prime Rub seasoning was developed specifically for prime rib. We love making prime rib at home but have always felt other seasonings were missing the flavor elements we wanted. What to do? Make a new spice blend! This seasoning uses gourmet Hawaiian Alaea sea salt for its unique flavor and appearance. We also use a variety of spices and herbs to complement, not cover, the flavor of the meat. Try this seasoning with other cuts of meat as well. You’ll love the flavor!


Our Poultry in Motion is so good that it will have you up on your feet movin’ and groovin’ to the “chicken dance”!  This tasty blend of paprika, garlic, onion and other herbs and spices packs a bit of a spicy kick, too. Use it on any type of poultry:  grilled, baked, roasted, breaded or fried. The awesome flavor will have family and guests coming bok, bok, bok for more!


Pumpkin Pie Spice is a terrific all-purpose seasoning. Besides using it for pies, try it in coffee cake batters, fruit breads (such as banana), in pancake and waffle batters, or in muffins. For a new twist on old recipes, substitute Pumpkin Pie Spice for cinnamon in your recipes. It’s also great sprinkled on a latte or mocha! For terrific pumpkin pies, use 2½ tsp. of this blend (or to taste) for a 9″ pie.


We traveled to Morocco in our research to develop this exquisite, versatile seasoning. Ras el Hanout has long been featured in North African cooking and each spice merchant creates his own unique blend. We have included the three most expensive spices: saffron, vanilla and cardamom. Use the blend on lamb, chicken or pork. One traditional recipe uses it in meatballs with a fruit sauce.  


Our Raspberry Chipotle Rub combines the fresh sweetness of raspberries, and the smokiness of chipotle pepper, for an exciting flavor that tastes sublime on chicken, pork, steak and salmon.  Or try some sprinkled over cream cheese for an easy take along dip. We are sure that however you decide to use this sweet, smoky, spicy blend, 

 it will quickly become a family favorite!


The layers of flavor in our Rio Grande seasoning will get your mouth watering.  There’s a splash of sweetness and a pinch of tanginess, a bit of spiciness and a hint of smokiness.  This seasoning has it all! Try Rio Grande on chicken, pork and fish for a great Tex-Mex flavor. It’s great on the barbecue—just sprinkle it on while you’re cooking and enjoy the seasoning’s many flavors.


Rocky Mountain Steak Seasoning has a bold, spicy taste that’s fantastic on any kind of beef, although some of our customers use it on any meat! Fire-up your grill, sprinkle the spice on the meat and try not to drool when you smell the aroma. Rocky Mountain Steak Seasoning can also be part of a great marinade. Add it to wine, fruit juices or olive oil for a great taste! You’ll understand why this is our most popular steak seasoning.


When you’re as proud of your town as we are, you want everyone to know it.  That’s why we created Rogers Shake. It’s the perfect tribute to Rogers, Minnesota.  It’s sweet and spicy, just like our town. It’s very versatile; it tastes great on almost everything—beef, chicken, pork and vegetables.  Some people even like it on fish. And, it’s easy to use. Just shake it on and enjoy the aroma. Try a little taste of our town, Rogers, today.  Enjoy!


Our Saigon Seasoning adds warm flavors to Asian dishes of all kinds.  We use real Vietnamese cinnamon, along with coconut powder, ginger and lime juice powder to create a seasoning that will enhance any beef, chicken or pork dish.  Try it on vegetables, too. Add 1 Tbsp. (or to taste) per 4 servings for great Saigon flavor.


Our salsa mix is perfect for families who love fresh salsa, even if they can’t agree on how hot it should be! To prepare the salsa, add 1½ Tbsp. of salsa mix per 16 oz. of fresh, chopped tomatoes or canned tomatoes. Before serving, refrigerate for at least one hour for the flavors to blend. For smooth salsa, put the mixture in the blender. If you like a lot of heat, add some of our cayenne, jalapeño, chipotle or habanero powder.


People avoid cooking shellfish because they don’t cook it often and it can be expensive.  We understand. That’s why we made our seafood boil. It’s great for lobster, crab, shrimp and other shellfish.  Just add the contents of this bottle of Seafood Boil to the water that you’re using to boil the seafood (two bottles for large kettles).  When the water boils, add your seafood and cook until done. It’s that easy! Enjoy you seafood!


Now you can create your own restaurant style seasoned sour cream at home. Just add 1 TBSP to 8 oz. of sour cream. Your fries and other potato dishes will thank you. Enjoy!


On those days when your brain is running slow, but you need to get dinner on the table fast, just reach for our Seasoning Salt.  Simply shake it on meats, poultry, pasta, salads or vegetables, either before or after cooking. The perfect blend of spices will add delicious flavor to any meal.  Try our Seasoning Salt today…it is sure to become a pantry staple!


This versatile seasoning adds instant flavor to meats and vegetables.  The flavor of sesame, soy sauce, onions and garlic combine to compliment almost any dish.  Just sprinkle on your food while cooking to add an Asian flair. Our Sesame Seasoning is particularly good on green beans.  Add towards the end of stir-frying on your stove for best results.


Apply Shrimp Seasoning before grilling, mix with marinades or add to baked seafood dishes.  Enjoy!


When preparing the finest cuts of beef, you don’t want to overwhelm them with seasonings. Our Signature Beef Seasoning is made especially for prime, aged beef – it won’t cover up the meat’s natural flavors. We use the finest sea salt with a hint of spices and herbs. Simply rub the seasoning on both sides of the meat before cooking, then enjoy your steak!


Our Simply Thai is a gourmet seasoning that combines the best from Thailand—the tanginess of lime, the exotic flavor of lemon grass and a touch of heat from bird peppers.  Use Simply Thai on any meat dish. Add midway through cooking to ensure the flavor of the herbs doesn’t cook out. It’s great with coconut-based sauces!


Ahhh…not much in life is better than the sound of a juicy steak or thick burger as it hits the hot grill.  Our Sizzling Steak Seasoning captures this moment with the perfect blend of garlic, onion, pepper and other spices that will make any cut of beef sizzle…and your mouth drool.  Don’t forget your napkin.


This is a great dip mix for vegetables, pretzels or chips. Like the slow steady heat of a smokehouse, this dip mix has a lasting, peppery flavor. Its fiery blend of spices and smoky peppers make it a real belly warmer. Add one tablespoon (heaping, if you like it hot) to one cup of sour cream. Refrigerate for at least one hour prior to indulging. Try a little on your baked potato for a spicy change. Enjoy!


Great State Fair taste on your chops for a whole lot less! Use our Smoky Pork Seasoning on pork chops, loin or even a whole roasted pig! Just as the name states, this seasoning adds three kinds of smoky flavor to any meat, but there’s more than just smoke. Savor the onion, garlic, cumin and pepper. Earthy ground ancho and a touch of sweetness and zestiness round out this great tasting seasoning.


Picture a southern plantation with an expansive yard for a picnic lunch.  Now add platters of fried chicken, sizzling and smelling so good you can’t wait to take a bite.  Perfection! That is what our Southern Belle chicken seasoning is meant to capture. Batter fry, oven fry or sauté chicken on the range.  It doesn’t matter because the result will be the same—lip smackin’ good.


Sprinkle this tasty seasoning on your vegetables to enjoy the taste of spring anytime of the year. Enjoy!


Whether you call them potatoes or “spuds”, they just don’t have much taste without adding something to them. So we decided to create a topping that you can just sprinkle on any variety of potato to give them instant flavor. Use on baked, hash browns, boiled and in potato casseroles or soups. And don’t forget those potatoes you cook on the grill! Try Spuds as an all-purpose seasoning as well. Enjoy!


This dry seasoning emulates the original Thai chile sauce used as a condiment or for dipping.  Now you can sprinkle on pork, burgers, chicken, seafood, eggs, pasta and in soups and bring that same luscious flavor to food. Mix with mayo for a sandwich spread or dip. Get creative because once you taste it, you will want more.


Can you imagine the aroma of a big pot of stew hanging over an old west campfire?  Wayzata Bay has captured the aroma and taste of the finest stew you have ever tasted!  Sprinkle 1 ½ tsp. of this blend of fresh ground gourmet herbs and spices and an equal amount of flour to thicken per pound of stew meat.  Add your veggies and water and slow cook 8- 10 hours, then serve. Enjoy!


Kӧttbuller, or Swedish Meatballs, were introduced by Scandinavian immigrants that settled in the Midwest.  Recipes vary, but this old-world fare is traditionally served with a cream gravy and lingonberry preserves.  To streamline the preparation of this classic favorite, just add 1 Tbsp. seasoning per pound of meat in place of onions, salt and all other seasonings called for in the recipe of your choice.  Add 1-2 tsp. of seasoning to the sauce, too!


Whether on pizza or added to your favorite dish, Italian sausage always takes a recipe to another level. Now use this seasoning to give any ground meat that great flavor without the additives, preservatives or MSG that are in prepared sausage. Just add 3 to 3 ½ TBSP to 1 pound ground pork or turkey, cook till done and use as you wish.


Our fantastic, MSG-Free seasoning for tacos is similar to the packets that come with taco shells, but much more flavorful and less salty. This seasoning is not too hot, so the whole family can enjoy it. To make taco filling, mix 4 TBSP Taco Seasoning with 4 oz. water and add to 1 lb. of browned (and drained) ground beef. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until sauce starts to thicken. Use as a seasoning for burritos too. Enjoy!


Bring the vibrancy of Brazil to your kitchen with this simple but distinctive blend of garlic, spices, herbs and orange peel.  Inspired by the “Gauchos” (Brazilian cowboys) who roasted large pieces of meat on their swords over an open fire, this fragrant blend is the perfect choice for any modern-day barbecue (“churrasco”).  Ideal on grilled or roasted beef, pork or chicken; or when preparing Fejoada, the national dish of Brazil. Aproveite!


Tequila has never tasted so good! The explosion of lime and tequila flavors perfectly complement grilled, pan-fried or baked shrimp, chicken, pork and fish. Us it while barbequing too! Just shake the seasoning on before cooking and you’re done! Use Tequilaville on lighter meats and fish for great flavor that Jimmy would love!


Our Teriyaki Seasoning has great Asian flavor without the mess of a sticky sauce.  You still get the spicy sweetness of teriyaki, but all you have to do is shake the seasoning on your food.  It’s great for stir-fry, just add towards the end of cooking to avoid burning. You can also use if for a seasoning on grilled or baked foods.  It’s a flavor the whole family will love!


If you’re reading this label, you must like pork chops – and do we have a seasoning for you! Thislittlepiggy tastes fantastic and, thanks to the paprika base, is great at sealing in the meat’s juices. The flavor of this seasoning is tough to describe, there are so many great ingredients, but they blend well with the delicate flavor of pork. Salt has been kept to a minimum, so add as much as your want!


Every now and then life throws you a curve ball. That happened to a great friend of ours, Tommy, when he had a stroke. An event like that can change many aspects of life, including diet. Tommy likes our Rocky Mountain Steak Seasoning, but it has salt in it. We created this no-salt blend for him to help lower his sodium intake while maintaining great flavor. We know that Tommy likes it and we hope you do too.


Trail Dust adds a distinctive flavor to Southwestern foods and other dishes ranging from steaks and burgers to salad dressings and “Mac & Cheese”. Try it on vegetables, chicken, pork and fish, too. The mouth-watering taste isn’t too hot, which means it’s great for the whole family. So, after a long day of ridin’ the range or hitting balls at the range, sprinkle a little Trail Dust on your cooking and taste the Southwest.


This salt-free blend of herbs and spices is terrific in Italian food. It is spicy and bold, but it has the sweetness of bell pepper, onion, garlic and herbs. Use it as a substitute for Italian Seasoning or to augment other seasonings for a slightly spicier taste. It’s great in pasta sauces, on chicken, pork and beef, and as a pizza seasoning. As with our “regular” Italian Seasoning, try it on cheese bread or potatoes.


Minnesotans are understated.  We’re not boastful. We don’t show off.  And we never draw attention to ourselves.  Usually. The Twin Cities bends these rules just a little bit—and for good reason.  Look at everything we have to be proud of and thankful for. This seasoning is similar to the Twin cities:  it lets the flavor through, but adds little something special, without being overpowering.


Those who live near Minneapolis know that there’s always something to do in Uptown.  Great food, lively entertainment and interesting people. This section of Minneapolis supplies us with an almost never-ending choice of cuisine.  Our tribute to Minneapolis is this steak seasoning. Simple, flavorful and non-spicy, so Minnesotans will eat it. Enjoy it on your favorite cuts of meat.


Vanilla’s sweet, warm flavor is fantastic in all kinds of baking and can be a great part of other seasonings, like barbecue and jerk. Combining vanilla with sugar is a natural. Our Vanilla Sugar contains a powdered form of vanilla extract and real vanilla seeds. Sure, it’s more expensive to make it this way, but the flavor is superior to anything else we’ve tried. Use our Vanilla Sugar for cookies, muffins, lattes, coffee, tea and even breakfast cereal. Enjoy!


It took years of trials to get this seasoning just right, but it was worth the effort.  Use Wayzata Bay Seasoning for steaming crab or shrimp. Mix it with a ¼ cup olive oil, juice from ¼ lemon and a pinch of parsley for a spicy chicken marinade.  Try it in your favorite crab cake, shrimp scampi or fish recipe. You can even season hamburgers with it. Try Wayzata Bay Seasoning on almost any meat for great flavor.


Need something tasty that is sure to satisfy both beef and seafood lovers?  Look no further than Wendy’s Surf & Turf Seasoning! The blend of blue cheese, shallots and aromatic herbs will give gourmet flavor to steaks, shrimp and scallops.  And it’s easy to use: Sprinkle on seasoning AFTER cooking, then allow to sit for a couple minutes before digging in. For extra flavor, put a pat of unsalted butter on meat/seafood before sprinkling on seasoning blend.


Not to appear trite, but this seasoning is one of a kind.  It can be used on anything. Just sprinkle it on meats, poultry, fish, vegetables or whatever you are trying to make — taste good.  It is as easy as that. The only decision you have to make is how much to use and that is to individual taste. Some call this a seasoning salt, but our customers just say, Whatever!


Once a staple in the Native American diet, we now consider wild rice a delicacy. Try this easy recipe for great wild rice every time. Add 1/2 cup wild rice and 1 T. Wild Rice Seasoning to 4 cups cold water; bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat and cook 30 minutes. Remove from heat; let sit covered for 30 minutes. Drain excess liquid. Stir in 1 T. butter and 1/2 tsp. Wild Rice Seasoning.


We’ve never received such rave reviews during a taste trial as we did from the dozens of hunters that tested this seasoning for us. Wilderness reduces the “gaminess” of venison while adding the perfect seasoning touch. It doesn’t obscure the natural flavors, it enhances them. Customers have used Wilderness on pheasant, duck, beef, chicken, pork and even large African game. Try Wilderness on your favorite meat and enjoy!


In Arabic, Za’atar translates to “wild thyme”. This Middle Eastern staple use on flatbread has grown into a blend of thyme, sesame seeds and the culinary variety of sumac, which acts as a natural souring agent. To use, mix it with olive oil to make a grainy paste. It is excellent on pita bread, zucchini, eggplant or added to a yogurt dip or hummus.  Try it on popcorn too! Enjoy!


Zing! is an all-purpose seasoning that gives great flavor to almost any dish without adding salt or MSG.  Our friend, Mr. Dot, and his wife, “Mrs. D”, love this on just about everything—chicken, fish, pork, potatoes, rice and veggies.  Whether it’s used in cooking or as a shake-on seasoning at the dinner table, this versatile blend of citrus peel, pepper, garlic, onion, and 7 herbs will bring “Zing” to all of your no –salt cooking.