Private Label

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There is no better way to make an impact on your current customers and keep them coming back to your store than to have an item that is unique to your establishment. Think about this:  a gourmet food product that is constantly reached for and enjoyed with your name on it. The bottle is often kept in a spice rack, on the countertop or by the grill where others can see it – and can see your name, too.  The essential marketing characteristic of this product is that your store is the only place they can get it. This isn’t just a seasoning, it’s an advertising campaign! And we have success stories that show $1,000 per square foot return on shelf space under our label in a kitchen store, so can you imagine what the return might be with your own label?

If you are considering the idea of private labeling seasonings, you have come to the right place. We have been private-labeling spices for over two decades. At Wayzata Bay Spice Company, you can create a complete line of spices, or just a single item, with the label of your choice in the bottle or jar of your choice. From launching a complete line of spices for your store or doing an event specific theme or seasonal showcase, we can assist you in all aspects of the program.