After more than two decades in business we are proud to highlight the following marks of achievement:

  • Acknowledged in the 5th Edition of Professional Cooking, the textbook for Le Cordon Bleu, for the high quality and flavor of our spices.
  • Replaced Spice Islands with a private label collection for Lunds/Byerly’s Foods (2006 Grocer of the Year), significantly increasing their sales and profits.
  • Listed as a top provider of spices in Midwest Living magazine, July/August 2007. This was an unsolicited inclusion.
  • Had our spices requested by General Mills for photo shoots for cookbooks.
  • Distribute our products to retailers in 32 states, from Maine to Hawaii.

Quoted in Prevention Magazine’s website:  “Generally, spices that should be bright in color but have grown dull are also devoid of flavor and nutritional value,” says Jay Bunting, owner of Wayzata Bay Spice Co. Make it last: Air penetrates plastic, so buy in glass jars whenever possible, says Bunting. Better yet, grind your own. Whole spices such as peppercorns retain health benefits and flavor much longer because the inside of each peppercorn is protected from light and air. Store herbs and spices out of direct light and away from the hot stove.