Wayzata Bay Spice Company

Focusing on providing premium, gourmet-quality spices, herbs and seasonings.

Wayzata Bay Spice Company is a family-owned spice company located in a Northwestern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jane and Jay Bunting, the owners, have focused on providing premium, gourmet-quality spices, herbs and seasonings. We offer custom-packaging, custom-labeling and custom-blending for our commercial customers. In addition to accounts with ongoing sales, such as grocery and kitchen stores.

Wayzata Bay Spice Company has expertise in creating specialized corporate promotions to produce a unique line of spice blends that highlight both the customers' events and/or products. Small size enables us to have unprecedented flexibility in working with customers' unique requests. The Buntings believe in partnering with customers to insure success. The Buntings are mentioned by Wayne Gisslen in his books Professional Cooking and Professional Baking. These are the most purchased cooking texts for culinary students in the world, and are required by Le Cordon Bleu's cooking schools. Why does the author mention us? Because we will not compromise on quality and he understands the importance of using the finest fresh ingredients. Freshness. That's why we bottle on demand instead of warehousing our seasonings, to insure that our spices are rotated more quickly and that our seasonings are as fresh as possible. We buy spices in small quantities and produce our products in small batches, then we ship them immediately. Sure, that's a little inefficient, but it guarantees you that the spices you receive haven't been sitting on our shelves for months like other spice companies.

 Whether you are a retail or wholesale customer, big or small, Wayzata Bay Spice Company is all about convenience and customer service. You can call or email us with questions - we promise to get back to you in a timely manner. If we're out of something, we'll let you know. We'll take your order over the phone, by fax, by email or direct you to the nearest retailer with our spice products. Our customers come back to us time and time again. Once you order, you'll understand why. But be prepared for the onslaught of feedback from your customers. They'll tell you about the incredible flavor, the freshness and their positive reaction to the tips for use on each bottle. And then they'll ask for more!

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