Private Label

Private-labeling spices doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

We have several options for labels. The most professional looking is to work with a label manufacturer to create a label of your choice. We can recommend a label manufacturer, or you can use one of your own choosing. You may either make separate labels for each product, or create what we call a "Label blank." When you create a label blank, we add the black text to the labels that includes title, subtitle, weight, description, ingredients, lot code and UPC. This way, you only have to have one set of plates. The text is very crisp and professional looking, and this saves you about $75 per product.

You may also go with a white label with black text. Many of our customers that have us fill packets for them use these labels. They are inexpensive and our printer, at 406 dpi, can print text and logos that are clear and legible.
A final option, only for small runs, are full-color ink jet labels. With our Primera printer, we can print photo-quality full-color labels on either gloss, or semi-gloss, label stock.
Wayzata Bay Spice Company has a myriad of offerings for our wholesale customers. Our line of products boasts over 100 gourmet seasonings and over 150 spices, herbs and specialty ingredients. For packaging, we have many bottle options, ranging from 3.5 ounces to 32 ounces, or we can source custom packaging to meet your specific needs. We can also arrange to have our blends packaged in pillow packs or other custom packaging. If you have a favorite recipe, we will custom blend your creation, or we can develop a recipe to your specifications.

Our spice blends are all unique to Wayzata Bay. We use the same ingredients in our blends that we sell as individual spices and herbs. Many companies use lower-quality ingredients in their blends to reduce their cost. Not us. To save money, many companies use "fillers", or excessive amounts of lower-cost ingredients, such as salt or sugar, in their blends. We refuse to do this. We pride ourselves on keeping salt and sugar to a minimum. We add salt and sugar to enhance flavor, not to cut cost. That's why you will find so many salt-free seasonings in our product lineup. Additionally, we do not use MSG in any of our seasonings.

Our standard bottle is the 4.0 fluid ounce glass bottle. We prefer glass bottles for several reasons. It controls freshness better than plastic. It doesn't introduce a "plastic-like" flavor to the spices. It feels more substantial and portrays quality better than plastic.

We understand that some customers prefer plastic. It works well for "rubs" and other seasonings that might be used on the patio for grilling - a place where a hard concrete or brick surface might easily break a glass bottle. Plastic bottles are also less prone to damage during shipping, although glass bottles being damaged during shipping is rare. They are also lighter, for our customers who must consider freight costs.

The standard pack size for our 4 oz. bottles is a 12-bottle case. Our plastic bottles are bulk and can packed into larger boxes. The standard cap for all bottles is black, except our 3.5 oz. PET, which is red. For our standard 4 oz. bottle, we have many color options for customers wanting something more unique.